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S. Badrinath has collaborated with Betway Sports as their cricket expert for IPL 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The 14th IPL is around and fans are waiting to witness yet another mesmerizing sporting event. Fans are ready with their favorite team’s marches on for their supporting team.

The upcoming cricket festival is something anticipated by every cricket fan. The fans are ready so does the experts. Cricket experts are going to analyze your favorite team’s performance, advantages, and weaknesses without showing mercy.

In this season of IPL S. Badrinath in association with Betway Sports is going to sit on the expert’s chair while your team is playing on the field. He would be analyzing player’s every move and tell you where the game went wrong.

S. Badrinath is a former Indian right-handed middle-order batsman. He played for the national team from 2008 and made memorable contributions. This steady batsman played for the Chennai Super Kings up until 2013. Later, he played for Royal challengers Bangalore in 2015.

Badrinath is called Mr. Dependable for maintaining a balanced performance throughout every match. This talented batsman got much-deserved attention in the 2011s IPL season. He played for Chennai Super Kings then marking a huge contribution for the team.

With his cricket expertise, Badri is going to deliver the smallest but important bits that you might miss during the games. Badrinath owns his own YouTube channel named 'Cric It with Badri'. There he would be scrutinizing the games in Tamil.

Betway sports has partnered with Badri to help you understand the games better. Betway Sports is a sports website supplying exclusive cricket content. With Betway you keep yourself posted about the latest sports events.

This venture between S. Badrinath and Betway was executed by our sports marketing company FWT Consulting.

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